About Us

We have over 35 years of experience in Electrical Engineering, Education, Renewable Energy Power Generation, Energy Efficient Building Design and Construction, and Agriculture (another way to harvest the sun’s energy).

IMG_0289We specialize in the Engineering, Installation, Sales, and Servicing of Renewable Energy Systems–Photovoltaic Electricity, Wood Heating Systems, and Small-Scale Wind. We work on both grid-tied and off grid applications.

We are a group of folks from Vermont who grew up with respect for the life the earth has given us and believe the best way to honor these gifts is by using them as efficiently and wisely as we know how. So for us, being kind to the planet is more than just an idea, it’s a way of life—what we see as the best way.

We’ve learned that being a responsible citizen on this planet can be much more fun and rewarding when we work with nature, carleyroof as opposed to struggling against it. Food is one way we’ve harvested solar energy and turned it into something we can use throughout mankind’s existence — either by turning it into plants, critters, or even medicine. We even use the sun to make our homes by way of trees. It is with this humble appreciation for all that comes to us by way of sunlight that we engage in all our projects, helping our clients to become part of a broader solution to all that ails the global community.